The Society of British Theatre Designers

  • Brassed Off
  • the gliding hour
  • Il Trovatore Act 4 Scene 1
  • Veil
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • Dialogues des Carmelites
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SBTD Committee:

Donatella Barbieri

Terry Brown

Paul Burgess

Kate Burnett

Greer Crawley*

Sean Crowley*

Richard Evans

Peter Farley*

Sophie Jump

Martin Morley

Roma Patel

Peter Ruthven Hall

Kathrine Sandys

Ian Teague

Fiona Watt

Elizabeth Wright

Francesca Peschier

Fiona Chivers

* company directors

The SBTD Managing Committee meet on a regular basis to manage the operation and finances of the SBTD. A number of working groups manage specific SBTD activities including the Blue Pages, Exhibitions and the SBTD Website.

President: Richard Hudson
SBTD Chair: Sean Crowley
SBTD Honorary Secretary: Fiona Watt
Company Secretary: Peter Ruthven Hall
OISTAT Performance Design Commissioner: Fiona Watt
OISTAT Architecture Commissioner: Peter Ruthven Hall
OISTAT Education Commissioner: Ian Evans
OISTAT Research Commissioner: Joslin McKinney

Working Groups
Blue Pages Group
Greer Crawley, Sophie Jump, Fiona Watt, Elizabeth Wright

To manage the production of the Blue Pages four times a year.

Exhibition and Touring Group
Peter Farley, Greer Crawley, Fiona Watt, Kate Burnett, Terry Brown, Sean Crowley, Sophie Jump
To manage and co-ordinate the national exhibition, PQ and the tour of the exhibition

Archive and Ongoing Projects Group
Kate Burnett, Peter Farley, Elizabeth Wright, Roma Patel
To manage the SBTD archive, including making and archiving interviews with designers.

Marketing Group
Fiona Watt, Francesca Peschier
To market the SBTD and it’s activities and to gather advertising for the Blue Pages.

Website Group
Martin Morley, Paul Burgess, Roma Patel, Fiona Watt, Kay Denyer
To maintain the website and keep it up to date.


Kay Denyer