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What is an AGM and what is it for?

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a yearly gathering between the shareholders (Members) of a company and its board of Directors.

As a Limited Company, (limited by guarantee) and as a Charity, we have to have an AGM once a year.

It is a chance for Members to hear reports from the Directors on the achievements and work of your Society over the year and to hear about its financial position.

The AGM is when Directors are elected/re-elected for the next year.

As a Member you have the right to vote in each election, in person or via a proxy, (if you would like to do the latter, please get in touch with ). You as a Member can stand for election as a Director.

Directors have historically come from within the Committee so they have a good understanding of how the Society works.

Those Members who wish to stand for election should make their intention known well in advance of the AGM and their details are to be included in the notice circulated before the AGM.

The AGM is also a time to propose any changes to the constitution (our articles of association, ).


Who are the Committee?

The Committee are mostly made up of representatives from the Working Groups, along-side the Comms Team and Members who bring a particular expertise, all of whom give their time voluntarily.

The Committee help shape the activities of the Society and coordinate the Working Groups.


What do the board of Directors do?

 The business of the Company is managed by the Directors (who are also the charity trustees), according to the SBTD Article of Association they are its Committee of Management and Governing Body.

The Directors are responsible for how the finances of the Society are managed and make sure the relevant accounts are submitted to Companies House and the Charity Commission.

The Directors meet regularly to discuss and plan what the Society is doing. The new Working Group structure allows much more autonomy for things to happen with the Directors overseeing and supporting actions.

The Directors may call an Extraordinary General Meeting, which works in the same way as the AGM, allowing Members to vote on elections and pass resolutions.


If you would like to get in touch with the Directors, please do drop us a line;

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