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Sustainable Design Group

We are exploring creative ways to make performance design more environmentally sustainable and are contributing to industry – wide conversations around best practice...

Sustainable Design Group
Stuck, Hoax Productions, Design by Andrea Carr, Photograph by Kasia Rucinska

We are a group of designers within the SBTD who are exploring creative ways to make performance design more environmentally sustainable, as well as representing designers in industry-wide conversations about sustainability. The group has focused on these main areas of research:

  • Guide to sustainable materials:

We have been researching sustainable materials. The guide that we are developing seeks to save designers time by providing a library of materials that can be an environmental and creative advantage.

  • Carbon literacy:

We are seeking to create a training programme and series of hosted discussions to support carbon literacy development specific to designers. We want to equip designers at all levels with the skills and confidence to be champions for low carbon solutions and able to apply this knowledge in studio practice and the projects they work on.

  • The Sustainable Scenes Studio:

We will look at real past and current projects – both unsuccessful and successful in terms of sustainability – to see what lessons can be learned from these case studies and help our industry visualise future solutions.

  • Ecostage:

We support the work of our sister project, Ecostage. Formerly ‘Ecostage Pledge’, Ecostage is an online autonomous initiative launched in 2015. It is currently being re-envisioned by a group of ecologically-minded designers as a go-to place for practical guidelines and ecological values, that helps all performing arts practitioners make their practices more sustainable. Use this site for ideas, case studies, and resources. Join in the global community and pledge your public commitment to a sustainable future. Find out more: – Relaunching in 2020

The group will continue to develop new projects alongside those mentioned. Fundamentally, we are driven by a desire to reduce the environmental impact of stage design and to explore ways in which sustainability can push theatre into exciting, new directions.

Sustainable Design Group
Rust Textile by Hannah Myers,
  • Sustainable Costume Group:
We are a collective of practitioners who meet bi-monthly online to discuss how to proactively change how Costumes are designed and made in the Theatre Industry.
We also support THE ATTIC project, which will be a Costume Hiring, Donating and Maker Space for Freelancers, the local Community and Theatre Organisations to use.
We welcome anyone to join this group, who feels passionately about creating costumes for performance that do the least harm to the Natural world.

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