The Society of British Theatre Designers

  • Duchess of Malfi - Charing Cross Theatre
  • Dialogues des Carmelites
  • The Winter's Tale
  • Model for the Trnasformation and Revelation Exhibition, March-April 2011
  • Ebb
  • Summer Harvest_2014_2
Staging Places: UK Design for Performance 2015-2019 (Image: Performing Architects)



Robe lighting is based in the Czech Republic and manufactures innovative, high quality moving lights and digital lighting products for the professional entertainment & leisure, architectural and themed environment industries.

Central to the company philosophy is the practise of working as closely with our business partners and end users as possible, listening to their needs, thoughts and wishes and understanding their markets. Knowing our business is based on numerous individuals and we endeavour to meet as many of them face-to-face as possible. Building the “Robe Family” means that all comments and feedback are welcome.

The Robe brand is currently still experiencing growth in all sectors, and our products can be found on stages, in concert halls and TV studios and illuminating buildings and other structures worldwide.

Sponsor's website: Robe