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Xristina Penna

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  • The Barber of Seville
  • A Kiss From The Last Red Squirrel
  • The Barber of Seville


statement: I am creating visual environments by juxtaposing contemporary reality with dreamy states that relate to the uncanny. my work is cross-disciplinary and has as principal focus to create a collective, archetypal language that communicates experientially.

xristina has been working as a theatre designer/art director in the UK, greece, poland and mexico.
currently she is the artistic director of the aswespeakproject. creating mixed media performance and installation work that engages with the reality of living in london and its impact on our ability to process information and attempt expression.

xristina has also co-founded poemstomyotherself, a collective of visual and theatre artists with whom she has been exploring the potential of interdisciplinary artistic collaboration and has been producing site sensitive work

she has been trained as a stage designer in the drama department of the aristotle university, school of fine arts, thessaloniki, greece and has obtained a master of arts in scenography at central st. martins college of art and design.