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As an architect and musician from Beirut, I have seen art, composition, politics and urban chaos in coexistence revealing an underlying structure uniting them all.
I studied architecture in ALBA-Beirut, where I graduated top of my class in June 2013, earning 3 consecutive awards.
I also played the Piano -in line with my studies- at the Music Conservatoire of Beirut, and graduated with honours in 2012.
During my architectural-professional years, I have performed with the chorus of the musical theatre 'One Night on Broadway', choreographed and directed by Roy Khoury. It is where my passion for performing arts grew beyond architecture and performance, and decided to combine both my passions into one.
In 2015, I enrolled the MA Design for Performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where I Set designed
‘Cabaret’, directed by Paul Kerryson and choreographed by Tom Jackson Greaves.
From there many connections were built, having since worked on several productions as a Set and Costume designer such as:
‘Last Days and Time’ by David John Norton, Give it a name company, Cardiff.
'Dr Angelus' with Jenny Ogilvie, Finborough Theatre, London.
'Macbeth', as a UK touring performance by Paul Davies, Volcano Theatre Company, Swansea