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Maria Chaniotaki - Kafousias

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  • 6 Degrees below the Horizon
  • Thread - the fairytale
  • 6 Degrees below the Horizon


MA Theatre Designer/Scenographer - Artist
Head and Founder of the Laboratory of Scenography, Athens (LSA)

Maria Chaniotaki was born in Heraclion Crete. She studied T. Civil Engineering (BA), Music Piano, and Scenography at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) Summer Scholl and at the Wimbledon School of Art (WSA) where she received her Master Degree of Arts in Theatre Design/Scenography(MA).
She has exhibited works as an Artist in personal and group exhibitions.
She is working as a Theatre Designer in Theatre and Dance at the same time is teaching Scenography in several educational Institutions.
With the foundation of the Laboratory of Scenography, Athens (LSA) in 2000 she starts a new productive and educational activity.
Her first attempt in directing was “Thread” A Performance – Installation that weighs image more than speech, created by her collaboration with a group of LSA students named CMD group. The play also aimed at a child audience brings for the first time in Greece, professional actors and people with disabilities in an equal role.
She has published her books “Fairies”, “a Kite named shark” and “a flower that wanted to become a butterfly”. Here book named “ the Magic Scene” an essay about Scenography will be published soon as well as “ the Inverted Thread” will be published by Gavrielides Publications.
She was the Course Leader of the Laboratory of Scenography, Athens (LSA) that participated in PQ2015 (student section) with the greel nation and at [OUT]TOP/AS Exhibition at the Benaki Museum in Athens 2016. She is the Course Leader for LSA's participation in PQ2019.
She was the Curator (Artistic Director) of the Scenographer George’s Anemogiannis Exhibition in Heraclion Crete organized by the Kazantzakis Museum.
She is a member of the Society of British Theatre Designers (SBTD) ,the International Institute of Theatre (ITT), the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece (EETE) and the Greek Society of Theatre Designers

Contact details: tel. 00306945285642
Agent: Donald Scrimgeour Artists Agent
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