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Undergraduate Courses

The Nothern School of Art

Our BA (hons) degree in Production Design for Stage and Screen gives students the skills required of professionals working in this exciting industry. Undergraduates will work over three years to develop the needed and more niche skills of this craft such as: prop making, sculpting, concept art and character development. These specialties give our graduates a competitive edge when applying for roles after graduation. This degree offers you a unique and challenging opportunity to develop a range of specialist skills in set design and the development and production of props and characters. With more than twenty years’ experience in developing production designers for the industry we provide a degree that will allow graduates to stand out from the crowd with a mix of niche skills. You will be designing sets, characters and props from your first term.

Aberystwyth University

Led by internationally recognised practitioners, this degree scheme takes a fresh, radical approach to design in performance, looking beyond the established boundaries of set, costume, lighting and sound design to take a total view of performance space as an expressive artistic field in its own right. This is not a degree in ‘how to do it’, but an inquiry into how it might be done.

Through a combination of practical and theoretical explorations, you will critically examine and engage with a wide range of contemporary practices from playhouse theatre to site-specific performance and from environmental theatre to performance installation. As the scheme progresses, the focus of study sharpens steadily upon your own practice as an independent artist, applying your acquired knowledge and skills to the making of work that is fresh, radical and expressive for you, within or beyond the context of theatre and performance.