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Staging Places: We Are The Storytellers Now - open until March 13, 2020 at V&A London

The First Week:

With the end of the first week of the exhibit being open, we wanted to reflect on how it has gone so far. Opening night was completely mental with us getting through far more than our allotted 50 landing card  for that evening. This just continued throughout the week and as of today we have got through over 1000 landing cards with even more visitors than this to the space. Once we had decided that it would work best for people to fill out the cards in the space we quickly found that the most exciting part of the experience of working in the space is the fascinating range of people we have been able to meet from all over the world. Following this post each member of the team will be posting some of their favourite people they have met so far.

Although border control initially appeared to be the least dynamic of the roles to perform within the space some playful creativity has really been adding to the experience for the visitor. Shout outs to Chuck and Nicki for some stellar performances, with Nicki challenging visitors to hop on one leg or tell a joke before they can pass through and Chuck confiscating snacks and drinks from people who pass through.

So far we have had a really positive response to the exhibit we have been overwhelmed by the generosity and thought some people have put into their donations. Highlights so far are the girl who cut off a snippet of her purple hair, a lady who donated pictures of her three Czech/English children and a man who blew air into the bag giving us ‘space to breathe’. Over the next few days the team will be posting images of their personal favourites and the stories that come with them.

We have been so overwhelmed by the number of people through the space that we are constantly reconfiguring the structure of the space to be able to hang all the bags that people have given us, the space is becoming a dense grotto.

We are having the most incredible and inspiring experience becoming friends with the other exhibitors in the venue, Chile, New Zealand, Monaco, Mexico and Korea just to name a few and hearing stories of their countries and universities is introducing us to new perspectives and widening all of our horizons.

Over the final days of the exhibit we will be keeping you all updated with pictures and weird and wonderful stories of our experiences at PQ2015!!!