The Society of British Theatre Designers

  • Jamaica Inn
  • Dancing On Ice
  • Wapping Chairs
  • 100: Unearth
  • Disco Pigs
  • Dining table and chair
Staging Places: We Are The Storytellers Now - open until March 13, 2020 at V&A London

Setting up the Exhibit:

We arrived at 10 ready to go and after unpacking boxes of turf, screws, screens,  fake security cameras, pull out barriers and more. We divided up into different teams of turf layers, painters, construction team, script writers, errand runners. Once we were in the space it all made sense but also threw up so many more questions.

What is the most effective way to display the bags?
How will we perform in the space?
What kind if experience do we want our visitors to have?

Discussions continued at dinner after work finished and we were gradually finding solutions.

A few pictures from the first day….