The Society of British Theatre Designers

  • Much Ado About Nothing
  • Il Filosofo di Campagna
  • Little Shop
  • Anne Boleyn Act 2
  • The Deep Blue Sea
  • Spur of the Moment.
The Value of Design

Set Up – Day 2:

By the end  of day one we had the floor done an  the majority of the structures up. After a successful discussion over dinner the previous night we started the second day of set up experimenting in the space with hanging structures. We decided starting from the corner and fanning out was going to be the best way to create some structural shape and allowing  it to grow over the course  of the festival, we have been discussing ways in which it might grow, dependant on the amount of bags we get from visitors to the exhibit we may need to think about creating some kind of canopy or just adding more and more lines across the space to hang them from.


Hanging System for the bags