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Central School of Speech and Drama Meeting:

18th April 2015

Today we met up as a group to further discuss how our space will look, to finalise specific visuals for the space and to think about how the space will run practically.

The day was full of discussion, brainstorming, sketching and experimenting with materials and objects.

Here is what we concluded during the day:

  • Splitting the space 1/3 to 2/3… 2 contrasting spaces and having the second part of the space hidden from view initially.
    Still to be decided whether the dividing wall is created from mirror, card, glass, wood? What is cost effective and practical?
  • 1st part of the space (1/3) will be based on UK Border Control barriers.
    It will be an interrogating space . Signs will be used (British humor?)
  • 2nd part of the space (2/3) will be open and ‘free’! Grass on the floor and open to roam. This space will contain ‘landing cards’ that contain individuals’ details, placed within a plastic zip-lock bag, imitating the liquid bags at the airport. Objects will be placed in the bags by the individuals:
    1. UK Students: All UK design students will be asked to pre-send in their bags. Containing an object that means something to them as a British performance design student.
    2. Public and visitors at PQ15: Will be handed a bag in the streets. They will come to the exhibit with the cards filled out, and any random object that means something to them about PQ15 within the bag.
      • These bags will represent identity and who we are as individual artists and as a country as a whole. Everyone can leave a part of themselves at the exhibit and many nationalities will be involved.
      • These bags will be arranged and positioned in interesting ways, sculptural! The arrangement will be changed throughout PQ15. Interaction.
  • Conveyor belt included in the second part of the space to imitate border control. Bags on conveyor belt?
  • Student Archetypes will be made. The British Student curatorial team will dress in these costumes and they will be performing in the space, along with the Border Control characters to interact with the public and the space. Realistic.


Today, we also started creating these Student Archetypes from plain white boiler suits to create unity. To easily identify us as The View From Here team!

Lastly, we started experimenting with the landing cards and bags as to how they can be hung, arranged and interacted with. How will this work practically? To be explored further.

Today was a productive day of teamwork discussion and our ideas are well underway to being realized! We will be collecting, sourcing and building parts for our exhibit from now until PQ15.

We are excited to see you in Prague in June!! The British Student Design team.

– Karina Smith