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Make Believe 2015:


Make: Believe UK Design for Performance 2011 – 2015
14 – 31 January 2015

10.00am – 5pm Monday to Saturday
Nottingham Trent University

Details of the educational programme can be seen on the News page

The SBTD’s new national exhibition will open in the newly redesigned Newton atrium exhibition spaces at Nottingham Trent University from 14 – 31 January 2015.

The exhibition title, Make:Believe, indicates the vision, skills and commitment found in the diversity of performance design today. It will feature work that defines the edges of this artform-in-industry – in music festivals, large scale events such as the Olympics, Paralympics, community opera, found space and promenade performance, in digital, landscape, heritage and media contexts, as well as the intimate and highly valued work that designers are currently doing in education, health and various community settings.

The exhibition will celebrate the high quality of designs for a variety of theatre spaces, the traditions of pantomime design, the ravishing visuals that transform many children’s books into stage spectaculars as well as the dance and opera designs by UK designers that are notable around the world. Make:Believe also acknowledges and promotes the development of new performance spaces, the re-envisioning of old and existing buildings and the increasing commitment to sustainable design and practices in both production and performance environments.

Make:Believe will also include a research project into the training/education, employment and careers of performance designers in the 21st century. The SBTD is ideally placed, as the professional UK organisation for performance designers, to offer the only national scale exhibition and publication opportunity to all UK professional designers and artists in performance, bringing them together with their work to share experiences, discuss important issues of employment, training, continuing education and the widening contexts and content of this work. The exhibition will be accompanied by a full colour catalogue that will include designers’ commentaries on their work.

Selected work will be shown at the next Prague Quadrennial in Prague from 17 – 28 June 2015, at the V&A Museum in London for 9 months from early July 2015 and at a further 3/4 galleries throughout the UK from March 2016. If you are not already a member of SBTD, follow this link to become a member or contact Kay Denyer

Please join us in Nottingham from January from 14 – 31 for this new National Exhibition: UK Design for Performance.



Becs Andrews
Catherine Baines
Megan Baker
Simon Banham
Sarah Beaton
Signe Beckmann
Tanja Beer
Giuseppe and Emma Belli
Dick Bird
John Bishop
The Wind Tunnel Project
Samal Blak
Hazel Blue
Marie Blunck
Lara Booth
Rebecca Bradbury
Paul Brown
Paul Burgess
Isabella Bywater
Kitty Callister
Nerissa Cargill Thompson
Fiona Chivers
David Cockayne
Sue Condie
Lucía Conejero Rodilla
Patrick Connellan
Frank Conway
Russell Craig
Charlie Cridlan
David Crisp
Judith Croft
Bob Crowley
Anne Curry
Becky Davies
Angela Davies
Simon Daw
Matt Deely
Es Devlin
Robin Don
Suzi Dorey
Max Dorey
Olivia du Monceau
Alex Eales
Matt Edwards
Paul Edwards
Richard Evans
Jonathan Fensom
Richard Foxton
Chris Gylee
Paul Halgarth
Abigail Hammond
Amelia Jane Hankin
Shizuka Hariu
Ken Harrison
Katharine Heath
Susannah Henry
Ingrid Hu
Richard Hudson
Jacob Hughes
Rebecca Hurst
Ana Ines Jabares Pita
Kelly Jago
Sophie Jump
Mona Kastell
Simon Kenny
Emmylou Laird
Kate Lane
Lizzie French & Cadi Lane
Marie Jeanne Lecca
Mike Lees
Verena Leo
Sarah Lewis
Adrian Linford
Sophia Lovell Smith
Rachel Macallan
Nadia Malik
Garance Marneur
Thomasin Marshall
Tupac Martir
Lois Maskell
Gary McCann
Holly McCarthy
Iona McLeish
Anne Minors (Performance Consultants)
Becky Minto
Catherine Morgan
Ruari Murchison
Conor Murphy
Neil Murray
Kimie Nakano
Alison Neighbour
Francis O’Connor
Bek Palmer
Roma Patel
Michael Pavelka
Xristina Penna
Antonella Petraccaro
Anna Pilcher Dunn
Tom Piper
Katherina Radeva
Colin Richmond
Francisco Rodriguez-Weil
ROUNDABOUT, Studio Three Sixty
Alexander Ruth
Mila Sanders
Joanna Scotcher
Nettie Scriven
Ashley Shairp
Rajha Shakiry
Nicky Shaw
David Shearing
Juliet Shillingford
Andreas Skourtis
Gabriella Slade
Rae Smith
Jason Southgate
Zoe Squire
Laura Jane Stanfield
Amanda Stoodley
Sheree Tams
Ian Teague
Yannis Thavoris
Leslie Travers
Cécile Trémolières
Mayou Trikerioti
Kate Unwin
Janet Vaughan
Maira Vazeou
James Watson
Fiona Watt
Ian Westbrook
Bill Mitchel, Wildworks
Myriddin Wannell, Wildworks
Simon Wilkinson
Louise Ann Wilson
Jessica Worrall
Elizabeth Wright

Association of Sound Designers Group Entry:
Danny Bright
Nela Brown
Gareth Fry
Danny Krass
Karen Lauke*
John Leonard
Mark Melville
Jon Nicholls
Adrienne Quartly
Nick Sagar
Matthew Williams
*ASD group coordinator