The Society of British Theatre Designers

  • The Wind in the Willows
  • The Gut Girls
  • Alice
  • Square Bubble
  • The Adventures of Woundman and Shirley
  • Variété
Staging Places: UK Design for Performance 2015-2019 (Image: Performing Architects)

T&R Reviews:

‘As an exhibition, I must admit that this is one of the most impressive I have ever been to. As a glimpse into over 200 worlds, minds, and visions, it is beyond compare. Pasteboard, clay, velveteen scraps; plywood, dustsheets, and long lost buttons: this is the stuff that dreams are made of.’ Mab Jones, Buzz magazine

This huge and stimulating exhibition”   Adam Somerset, Theatre in Wales

Just looking at the dance exhibits alone reveals a good many artists working in the field who produce images in the process of creating performance, which are stunning in their own right“. Dody Nash, Artslyst

“Wonder at rich costumes heavy with embroidery, compare the ways in which different designers have utilised the same spaces, see how a designer has used a particular space for a whole season of plays, compare approaches to the same text…wallow in the nitty gritty of creating stage productions..or you can just enjoy painted designs and carefully crafted models that are a joy to look at”. Howard Loxton, The British Theatre Guide