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  • Company: Icelandic Opera
  • Year: 2003
  • Author: Francesco Maria Piave & Andrea Maffei
  • Directed by: Jamie Hayes
  • Composer : Verdi
  • Lighting Design by: Bjorn Bergsveinn Gudmundsson
  • Projection Design by: Will Bowen
  • Costume Design by: Kristine Pasternak
  • Set designed by: Will Bowen
  • Photography by: Will Bowen
  • Design © Will Bowen
  • Image © Will Bowen
The Witches are the third principal in this opera and were made to inhabit an in-between world by dissolving into the projected scenery. The set was a giant climbing frame, bringing a third dimension to the action. The images were all related to mathematical Chaos Theory - many of them with Icelandic connections (The Northern Lights, volcanic lava and snow crystals). This set of pictures shows some of the varied imagery used - The Aurora Borealis, a human kidney, a chaos fractal, a satellite image of a river delta and the inside of a volcano.