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Sophia Simensky

Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets
  • Production: Liquid Assets; for Art Licks Weekend
  • Venue: Peckham Park
  • Year: 2016
  • Author: Sophia Simensky and Emily Hawes
  • Sound Design by: Sophia Simensky and Emily Hawes
  • Scenography by: Sophia Simensky and Emily Hawes
  • Photography by: Emily Hawes
  • Image © Emily Hawes
Site responsive cermaic and textile installation and sound work. Collaboration with Emily Hawes for Art licks Weekend 2016. "The fountain as an outdoor pavilion; the fountain as a ruin; the fountain as a heterotopia" A breezeblock structure in Peckham Rye Park; the only remnant of the former Peckham Lido acts as a witness, a host and a place of assembly for Liquid Assets. Referencing historian Peter Linebaugh, Liquid Assets reflects upon lido culture and its translocal setting in relation to the idea of ‘The Commons’; a pool of non-commodified resources, sustained and developed by multiple communities.