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Shizuka Hariu

Compile d'Avril

Compile d'Avril
  • Production: Charleroi Danses
  • Company: Charleroi Danses
  • Venue: Raffinerie
  • Year: 2011
  • Directed by: Pierre Droulers
  • Choreography by : ZOO / Thomas Hauert
  • Lighting Design by: Shizuka Hariu
  • Scenography by: Shizuka Hariu
  • Image © 2015 SHSH Architecture + Scenography
At the Raffinerie the industrial and enclosed space is deprived of a place where the public can gather between performances. The challenge for this commission was to create such a place. It welcomes the excitement of the public in a suspended time between the ordinary moment in the street and the imaginary moment of the performances. The scenography entitled ‘Spring Clouds’ is a refreshing space, ideal for the festival which takes place in spring. A new white atmosphere detaches the building from its past and offers lightness to the festival. The white clouds evoke the image of cotton candy, and spring colors such as pink and white cherry blossom brings light into the enclosed space of the building. The white floor enhances this gentle ambience. The bar and furniture are constructed from wooden pallets. They offer ample space at the bar and reception area where people can sit and eat. The use of natural untreated wood combined with the white space creates a pleasant harmony. The spring clouds filter the natural coloured light with tones of blue, white and warm yellow, which reflects onto the white floor. The bar area remains slightly less illuminated than the stage, using warmer light.