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Shizuka Hariu

Sensing Spaces

Sensing Spaces
  • Production: Royal Academy of Arts
  • Company: Royal Academy of Arts
  • Venue: Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House
  • Year: 2014
  • Directed by: Kate Goodwin
  • Lighting Design by: Shizuka Hariu
  • Scenography by: Shizuka Hariu/SHSH Architecture + Scenography
  • Design © Royal Academy of Arts
  • Image © 2015 SHSH Architecture + Scenography
commission : Royal Academy of Arts, London architectural installations: Grafton Architects Die?be?do Francis Ke?re? Kengo Kuma Li Xiaodong Pezo von Ellrichshausen Alvaro Siza Eduardo Souto de Moura curation : Kate Goodwin The Central Hall is the heart of the Burlington House, home of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The hall is an octagon that leads the visitor from the vestibule to the heart of the exhibition space. Respecting its original feature of historical architecture, SHSH designed this light and simple space for visitors to gather whilst collecting information about the exhibition and its contents. Our challenge for Central Hall was to create a simple structure in order to change the strong iconic space. The textile layers work as an ethereal support for the exhibition projections such as the architects quotations and introduction map. The hanging structure, positioned at the top and bottom of the walls, is a light and metal tubular structure. Two layers of semi-transparent textile are hung at a certain distance from the walls, giving a different and suggestive perception of the neoclassical architecture. There are four different openings on each arch in order to provide various perspectives towards each installation from Grafton, Pezo Von Ellrichshausen, De Moura and the main entrance. To design a refreshing and simultaneously neutral space, SHSH designed two furniture units. These provide seating and an I-Pad station for children and adults, varying in height. The positions of these furniture units were carefully planned to avoid disturbance of the linear view, from Siza’s installation in the courtyard to Souto de Moura’s concrete arch. In this way, we can create a fluid and dynamic circulation in one of the most crowded museums in London. exhibition & lighting design : Shizuka Hariu / SHSH ARCHITECTURE + SCENOGRAPHY