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Reiko Tanaka


  • Production: Dutch courage productions
  • Venue: The Lion and Unicorn Theatre
  • Year: 2014
  • Author: Jung Sun den Hollander
  • Directed by: Katie Merritt
  • Lighting Design by: Max Wolf
  • Sound Design by: Melodie Mike Mg
  • Projection Design by: Max Wolf
  • Set designed by: Reiko Moreau
Taki is the wife of Japan's renowned western physician, Dr Phillip Von Siebold, who is known through the Siebold incident as a spy. The story transports us back to the Nagasaki of 1865 in Deshima. Told by Taki, it is about the sacrifices of love, longing and ambition. The japanese style room travels in time with Taki’ s life between 1819 to 1865, which had been deeply changed emotionally. This solo performance aims to play with the imagination of the audience, therefore I tried to create a metaphorical simple stage as a psychological space.