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Petra Hjortsberg

Body Electric

Body Electric
  • Production: Body Electric
  • Company: The Collective Theatre Company & Revolting Bodies Theatre Company
  • Venue: Block T, Dublin
  • Year: 2011
  • Author: Devised by the Company
  • Directed by: Devised by the Company
  • Choreography by : N/A
  • Composer : N/A
  • Lighting Design by: Petra Hjortsberg
  • Sound Design by: N/A
  • Projection Design by: N/A
  • Costume Design by: Petra Hjortsberg
  • Set designed by: Petra Hjortsberg
  • Scenography by: Petra Hjortsberg
  • Photography by: Tadhg Nathan
  • Design © Petra Hjortsberg
  • Image © Tadhg Nathan
A theatrical celebration of the human body through art, sport and combat. Heart beating. Blood pumping. Lungs filling with air. We are up and running. Every day we wake up in our ‘human suit’ aware of the world’s harsh glare at our bodies, each worn differently, if not distinctive by appearance. But in all of its beauty and brokenness, no one has yet unravelled all the body’s mysteries. We don’t know as much as we think we do, about ourselves, about our full potential. Some claim it’s unlimited. We’d like to know more. We’re going exploring. Through words, ours and others. Through light and dark. Through fights, fake and real.