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Mila Sanders

Queen of the Nile

Queen of the Nile
  • Production: Queen of the Nile
  • Company: Hull Truck
  • Venue: Hull Truck
  • Year: 2013
  • Author: Tim Fountain
  • Directed by: Mike Bradwell
  • Lighting Design by: Jason Taylor
  • Sound Design by: Mic Pool
  • Projection Design by: Mic Pool
  • Costume Design by: Mila Sanders
  • Set designed by: Mila Sanders
  • Photography by: Mila Sanders
  • Design © Mila Sanders
  • Image © Mila Sanders
Set in Luxor against the backdrop of the Arab spring, the action moves quickly between a restaurant, a felucca and many other locations. A chaotic over developed streetscape is crisscrossed with wiring and washing lines and peppered with satellite dishes. Faded billboards and street signs provide surfaces for projections that use a combination of designed images and photographic stills taken on location. The felucca - made of a flown sail that provides another surface for projections – is accompanied by a simple boat truck on the thrust stage. Luxor’s ancient Egyptian heritage is reflected in the hieroglyphs bordering the proscenium arch, the red stone floor and the skyline of the Valley of the Kings that appears in the distance.