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Mila Sanders

The only way is Chelsea's

The only way is Chelsea's
  • Production: The Only Way is Chelsea's
  • Company: Root Theatre
  • Venue: York Theatre Royal and Touring
  • Year: 2013
  • Author: Frazer Flintham
  • Directed by: Jane Fallowfield
  • Choreography by : Ibrahim Shote
  • Lighting Design by: Ziggy Jacobs
  • Sound Design by: Becky Smith
  • Costume Design by: Mila Sanders
  • Set designed by: Mila Sanders
  • Photography by: Mila Sanders
  • Design © Mila Sanders
  • Image © Mila Sanders
The show was based on research with young people in York and toured to small thrust studio spaces. The play was set entirely in a garage filled with clutter including a large television. Teenager Chelsea and her friends construct a reality show of their own. I wanted the audience to feel as if they were part of the gang. The structure of the garage was a fragmented wooden framework allowing the audience to peer through the walls. During choreographed scene transitions actors stepped through the structure, boxes were thrown, props and costumes appeared and disappeared from boxes, all lit by the glow of the television screen. At the climax the characters transformed the garage into their idea of a glamorous nightclub using Christmas decorations and the contents of the garage.