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Llyfr Mawr y Plant

Llyfr Mawr y Plant
  • Production: Llyfr Mawr y Plant
  • Company: Cwmni Theatr Gwynedd
  • Venue: Theatr Gwynedd and Tour
  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Gareth F Williams
  • Directed by: Tony Llewelyn
  • Choreography by : Cai Thomas
  • Composer : Catrin Edwards
  • Lighting Design by: Iestyn Griffiths
  • Costume Design by: Aimi Hopkins
  • Set designed by: Martin Morley
  • Design © Martin Morley
This was an intial CAD sketch model done months inadvance to give a flavour of the shape and character of the set during the initial discuccions. The finished design moved away from the glossy 'computer' look to a world of rock and slate, but the germ remained. Llyfr Mawr y Plant is a classic Welsh chidren's story book and this was a musical adaptation. For a flavour think Beatrix Potter out of Just William. The set had to create a world that could flow easily through multiple locations but all the time giving a sense of place. It was largely static but with lots of hidden traps and secret places. It could so easily have been twee but the writers and all the production crew wanted something that was altogether more feisty and brought out the darker more nightmarish side. It tells of farm life in a North Walian community seen through the dreams of a small boy. It is peopled with his friends and relations and a host of animals.