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Maria Chaniotaki - Kafousias

Thread - the fairytale

Thread - the fairytale
  • Production: CMD group
  • Company: CMD group
  • Venue: Askisis Theatre
  • Year: 2009
  • Author: CMD group
  • Directed by: Maria Chaniotaki - Kafousia
  • Choreography by : Kajsa Englund, Maria Chaniotaki
  • Composer : George Bandoek Apostolakis, Marios Tsaggaris
  • Lighting Design by: Tasos Paleoroutas
  • Sound Design by: George Bandoek Apostolakis, Marios Tsaggaris
  • Projection Design by: Babis Venetopoulos
  • Costume Design by: Maria Chaniotaki - Kafousia
  • Set designed by: Tasos Papaioannou, Maria Chaniotaki - Kafousia
  • Scenography by: Maria Chaniotaki - Kafousia
  • Photography by: Maria Chaniotaki - Kafousia
  • Image © Maria Chaniotaki - Kafousia
The creative Group CMD, presents “Inverted Thread-The fairytale”, a Dance performance which appeals to adults and children. It is a story about a young boy’s trip into the world of imagination. His guide to this trip is a magical Firefly. The firefly leads him into a magic place, in which all is possible. Everything and everyone that he meets there, is somehow in-between fantasy and reality, and at the same time it is all part of his dreams, hopes and fears. The audience is invited into this magic world, to find pieces of themselves inside it, or even create their own world through it. The main tool used in the performance is image, in combination with music and less with Speech. We use image as a dominant and autonomous part of the theatrical language, since we believe that its clarity can offer to the audience the freedom needed in order to develop each individual’s sensibilities and imagination. The images that create the magic world are inspired from shadow theatre, mime performances, in combination with contemporary means, like video projection. It is important to note, that the aim of the performance is not only artistic, but also social and educational, since in its cast are included two people with disabilities from the theatrical team of Cerebral Palsy Greece. Through this choice, we intend to give the opportunity to people with disabilities to express themselves artistically in a professional level with the guidance of Swedish actress Kajsa Englund. As Kajsa Englund notes: “It is my belief that it is our physical environment and the norms of society that create disabilities and handicaps for certain people. I believe that this view permeates the performance of "threads", and that we also challenge the norm about what an "actor" is, by integrating two actresses that are facing difficulties in their everyday lives due to their physical condition. In theatre work the body (mind included) is the tool of the actor and in that aspect our rehearsal process doesn't differ from any other rehearsal process, as we devote our whole being to the telling of a story.” This is the idea that we try to communicate with the audience as our perspective on a subject that unfortunately in our country still faces lack of awareness.