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The Nether

The Nether
  • Production: The Nether
  • Venue: Northern Stage
  • Year: 2016
  • Author: Jennifer Haley
  • Directed by: Ruaidhri Johnston
  • Lighting Design by: Joseph Stockdale
  • Sound Design by: Ryan Thompson
  • Projection Design by: Petra Szeman
  • Costume Design by: Eve Kershaw
  • Design © Luke W. Robson
NETHER REALM noun 1 – Another world for mythical creatures. 2 – Demon World. 3 – A Dimension of Evil or Imagination. The Internet has evolved into an ever expanding network of virtual reality realms known as The Nether. Any user can long in, choose an identity and experience their innermost desires. Detective Morris discovers the truly dark side of The Nether when she begins her investigation of The Hideaway, a realm where adults may log on and fulfill their most depraved fantasies involving children. The investigation brings to the forefront some truly alarming conclusions on ethical behavior, both in-realm, and in the outside world.