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The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes

The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes
  • Production: The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes
  • Company: Live Theatre
  • Venue: Live Theatre
  • Year: 2016
  • Author: Nina Berry
  • Directed by: Graeme Thompson & Max Roberts
  • Composer : Anguaji Music
  • Lighting Design by: Nick Rogerson
  • Sound Design by: Craig Spence
  • Design © Luke W. Robson
Did you know that no two snowflakes are alike? How the water vapour keeps on condensing and where the snowflake falls is what determines the way the snowflake looks when it land on your coat sleeve. The way they can arrange themselves is almost infinite. So, you know, nobody can say for absolute certain but the likelihood of two snowflakes being identical is next to impossible. Rosie and Charlie are two people in many places. From youth to old age, from Trafalgar Square to Chillingham Road, The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes takes a touching look at what it means to grow up, fall in love and how the tiniest, most seemingly insignificant detail can change eternity. Or then again maybe not. A play about fate, friendship and snowflakes.