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Lucia Conejero Rodilla


  • Production: Ballast
  • Company: Collective La Strada Fashion Circus
  • Venue: Proud2 at the O2 Arena, London (UK)
  • Year: 2011
  • Author: Jesús Capel Luna
  • Directed by: Jesús Capel Luna
  • Choreography by : Jesús Capel Luna
  • Composer : N/A
  • Lighting Design by: Lucía Conejero Rodilla
  • Sound Design by: Océane Sunniva Peillet
  • Projection Design by: N/A
  • Costume Design by: Lucía Conejero Rodilla
  • Set designed by: N/A
  • Scenography by: Lucía Conejero Rodilla
  • Photography by: Conrad Hafenrichter
  • Design © Lucía Conejero Rodilla
  • Image © Conrad Hafenrichter
‘Ballast’ is a metaphor of mind pains that are externalized through physical lesions embodied by metal pieces. They are located inside the interactive costume and the performer removes them symbolizing his escape from emotional troubles, thus communicating sensations of heaviness and weightlessness.