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Laced Within Our Borders

Laced Within Our Borders
  • Production: Laced Within Our Borders
  • Company: Next Generation Youth Theatre
  • Venue: The Bear Club, Luton
  • Year: 2018
  • Author: David Lloyd
  • Directed by: David Lloyd
  • Choreography by : Laura Lloyd
  • Lighting Design by: Darren Woodhouse
  • Sound Design by: Laura Lloyd
  • Costume Design by: Lauren Connolly
  • Set designed by: Lauren Connolly
  • Design © Lauren Connolly
  • Image © Gareth Lloyd
Laced Within Our Borders was an immersive intimate performance that invited audience to enter our borders and find a place in our home. The script explores many different stories of characters living in the same block of flats, we follow children that suffer loss, deal with hardships, disability, bullying, refuge and overcoming fears. The design required a homely feel but needed to be separated into sections to allow each story and its characters to mingle, explore the space and then to find its way home, settling in one of 5 designed and dressed areas.