The Society of British Theatre Designers

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Gallery Images

  • Dining table and chair
  • Technical Drawings ITNG
  • Oedipus Set Design

Assisting Skills

Drawing Skills and Programmes

  • Drafting - Very Good
  • AutoCad - Excellent
  • SketchUp - Proficient

Other Computer Aided Design Skills

  • Photoshop - Excellent
  • 3D Printing - Proficient

Model Making

  • 1:25 Model Making - Excellent
  • 1:50 Model Making - Excellent
  • Soldering - Very Good
  • Mould Making and Casting - Excellent
  • Figure Making - Very Good
  • Sculpting - Excellent
  • 3D Printing - Proficient
  • Painting - Excellent
  • Creating Surfaces and Textures - Excellent

Research / Sourcing Skills

  • Period Knowledge Both Costume and Set - Excellent
  • Basic Knowledge of Construction Methods and Materials - Excellent
  • Ability to put together Digital Mood Boards - Excellent
  • Prop and Costume Sourcing - Excellent
  • Knowledge of prop houses, hire shops, local knowledge of shops - Excellent
  • Ability to keep track of petty cash - Excellent

Practical Skills

  • Scenic Art Skills - Very Good
  • Hand Sewing Skills - Very Good
  • Machine Sewing Skills - Excellent

Other Skills and Experience

Puppet Making
Foam Carving
Laser Cutting
Experience in mould making with silicon, resin, plaster
Note Taking
Working in Rehearsals
Driving by Car
Knowledge of Sustainable Practice
Costume Supervising
Wardrobe Dressing
1:100 Scale Laser Cutting
Skilled in AutoCAD – technical drawings, laser cutting, imagery
Skilled in Photoshop – graphics, costume designs, storyboarding
Festival Designing
Festival Decor Making
Basic Scenic Construction
Basic LED Light wiring
Mould Making
Casting in Resin, Silicone and Plaster
SketchUp 3D drawing
Hairstyling and Make Up Knowledge
Budget Handling