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The Lady from the Sea

The Lady from the Sea
  • Production: The Lady from the Sea
  • Venue: The Platform Theatre
  • Year: 2016
  • Author: Henrik Ibsen
  • Directed by: Jonathan Humphreys
  • Composer : John White
  • Lighting Design by: Matt Haskins
  • Costume Design by: Sonia Birman
  • Set designed by: Laura Albeck
  • Scenography by: Laura Albeck & Sonia Birman
  • Photography by: Laura Albeck
  • Design © Laura Albeck
  • Image © Laura Albeck
"The Lady from the Sea" was a production mounted at the Platform Theatre at Central Saint Martins in March 2016, and consisted of a collaboration between Drama Centre London, 8 students from the BA Acting 3rd year, director Jonathan Humphreys, set designer Laura Albeck, costume designer Sonia Birman and lighting designer Matt Haskins. The play itself was an adaption of Ibsen’s 1888 drama "Fruen fra Havet" into English by David Eldridge. The staging was founded on a conceptual interpretation of the recurrent themes of isolation, encapsulation, and longing, combining the fashions of the late 1940s with a non-realist, gestural set design.