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Kelly Jago
D.O.B 22/10/85
07732 221924

I am interested in designing performance environments that have the ability to involve and incorporate the audience, creating an interesting reality that allows the story to happen.
I strive to design worlds that hold many secrets, gradually revealed to the audience throughout the performance, as the story unfolds.
I feel it is important for all aspects of a set and performance to be used in a visually pleasing way. I try to approach scene changes, moving of set and in some cases costume changes as part of the performance and find a beautiful and interesting way for these to happen.
Rather than disguising necessary changes I try when possible to develop a way of incorporating them into the visual landscape of the play.

Theatre and Film experience

Feb to July 2011 Frankenstein. Arts Support Service. Set and costume design.

Feb to June 2011 Brassed Off. Mansfield Palace Theatre. Set and Costume Design.

December - March 2010/11 The Edge of the Unknown. A Quiet Word Theatre Company. The Lit and Phil Library. Newcastle. Set and Costume design.

September - October 2010 The Terror Season - Reanimator, The Exclusion Zone, Country and The Unimaginable. The Sticking Place and Seabright Productions. Southwark Playhouse. Set and Costume Designer

August 2010 The Great British Weekend. The Pleasance. Vauxhall Collective. The Mound Edinburgh. Set and Costumer Designer.

April - June 2010 Bittersweet Sunshine. Red Grit Theatre Company. Carriageworks Theatre Leeds. Set and Costume designer

April - July 2010 Dream Play. Lakeside Arts Centre Nottingham. Art Support Service.

February 2010 Under Milk Wood. Mansfield Palace Theatre. Set and costume design.

January 2010 Looking for the Rainbow. Big Window theatre company.National Tour. Set and Costume designer

January 2010 Dream Play. Lakeside Arts Theatre Nottingham. Arts support Service.Set and Costume designer.

November 2009 Those Magnificent men. Lakeside Arts Centre Nottingham and U.K tour. Assistant designer and model maker

November 2009 Flat Stanley. Lakeside Arts Centre Nottingham. Prop designer and maker

October 2009 West Side Story. Nottingham Arts Theatre. Set Design consultant.

September 2009 Seven Jewish Children. Nottingham Playhouse Roundabout Theatre. Set and costume designer.

July 2009 The Insect Play. Thoresby Riding Hall, Nottingham.
Set and Costume Designer.

July 2009 Pinocchio. Blunderbus Theatre Company. Scenic artist.

July 2009 Giraffes Can't Dance. Blunderbus Theatre company. Puppet designer, puppet maker and scenic artist.

June 2009 Six Characters in search of an Author. New Theatre Nottingham. Set Designer.

February 2009 Burglars. Roundabout theatre, Nottingham Playhouse, set design and construction, scenic painting and prop design and construction.

January 2009 The Heights. Stoney Street Theatre and Steven Joseph Theatre Scarborough, Set, costume, puppet and mask design and construction.

January 2009 Pericles. York Theatre Royal main stage, Set designer.

December 2008 Jack and the Beanstalk. Brighton and Hove Market Theatre. Set construction, prop maker and head of scenic art.

November 2008 Aladdin. Nottingham Roundabout Theatre at Nottingham Playhouse Leading workshops in primary schools with ages 7 to 11.

November 2008 How Long is a Piece of String? Oily Cart. Prop making, hat construction, sewing, rope manipulation and scenic painting.

Sept ember 2008 More story Please. Big Window Theatre Company, Midlands tour for ages 2-4. Assistant Designer and construction of set.

July 2008 Bunny and the Bull. Warp x. Model maker and art department for feature film. Directed by Paul King (Mighty Boosh director) starring Edward Hogg, Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett (Mighty Boosh).

July 2008 Kids Play. Television Workshop ltd. Stoney Street Studio Theatre. Set design, construction and scenic artist.

June/July 2008 Our Day Out. Art workshop assistant, teaching in four schools throughout Bulwell ( Nottingham) With children age 11 and 12. In association with the Roundabout Theatre at Nottingham Playhouse.

March/May 2008 Smile. Nottingham Lakeside Theatre. Design and construction of Puppet set for film section, prop sourcing and scenic painting.

March 2008 Twelfth Night. With the Television workshop in association with the Shakespeare Youth festival at Nottingham Playhouse. Set construction and scenic painting.

April 2008 Galactic Space Hop. Livestock entertainment ltd.
Finsbury Town Hall. (Touring show.) Artistic Director, Set design, Prop Design, Lighting Design, Scenic artist and prop/set construction.

December 2007 Burying you brother in the pavement Television workshop ltd. Set Design, Lighting design, Construction, scenic painting, Program design.

May 2007 Dr Faustus portable puppetry. Set and Puppet design and construction