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Isa Shaw-Abulafia

Gallery Images

  • Painting onstage for September 11th
  • Whose Sari Now?
  • Frog Masks (Designer and Fabricator)


Isa Shaw-Abulafia is a London-based stage designer. Her work includes: Raising Martha (Mask Designer and Fabricator), Whose Sari Now? (Associate Designer), September 11th (Designer and Performer), F.A.N.Y. (Set Designer), Viking Siege (Creature Designer), Pomona (Mask Designer and Scenic Artist), Without Reluctance and Without Relief (Set and Costume Designer), Fear in a Handful of Dust (Set Designer), Trust Byron (Set and Costume Designer) and Soulless (Set and Costume Designer)

Isa is a maker as well as a designer, with skills including painting, prop making, drawing, moldmaking, clay sculpting, and foam armour crafting.