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  • Production: Translations
  • Company: Arches Theatre Compnay
  • Venue: Citizen's Theatre
  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Brian Friel
  • Directed by: Andy Arnold
  • Lighting Design by: Davey Thomson
  • Costume Design by: Hazel Blue
  • Set designed by: Hazel Blue
  • Photography by: Niall Walker
  • Design © Hazel Blue
  • Image © Niall Walker
An 18th Century Irish hedge school - peasants who are fluent in Irish, Greek and Latin and versed in Classical texts. British soldiers implement the Ordinance Survey which destroys the Irish way of life by enforcing the Anglicisation of Ireland. Play set in a barn with Classical proportions, muted colour scheme with piles of brightly-coloured books indicating that literature enriches and adds colour and meaning to the lives of the scholars