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The Drawer Boy

The Drawer Boy
  • Production: The Drawer Boy
  • Company: The Tron Theatre Company
  • Venue: The Tron Theatre
  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Michael Healey
  • Directed by: Andy Arnold
  • Lighting Design by: Sergey Jakovsky
  • Costume Design by: Hazel Blue
  • Set designed by: Hazel Blue
  • Design © Hazel Blue
Drama student investigating the lives of 2 Ontario farmers, with the objective of using the information for a play, reveals a devastating truth both had submerged for decades. Design focuses on reality v unreality - juxtaposing "real" and "trompe l´oeil" elements creating a visual ambiguity. Influenced by Edward Hopper - eerie isolation, simplicity of shape and colour.