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Final Scene

Final Scene
  • Production: Motherland
  • Company: RCS
  • Venue: Tron Changing House
  • Year: 2012
  • Author: Steve Gilroy
  • Directed by: Jane Hensey
  • Lighting Design by: Daphne Mir
  • Projection Design by: Jamie MacDonald
  • Costume Design by: Hazel Blue
  • Set designed by: Hazel Blue
This image is of the final scene in Motherland after the women who have lost sons and daughters in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan , have been 'digging' , searching for images of their loved ones. They reveal a a bomb-crater shaped void in the middle of the living room. the back wall is made up of desert storm , como uniforms , painted in the magnolia of the walls - the war has infiltrated their lives and it is inescapable.