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Giulia Pecorari

Ni Una Mas

Ni Una Mas
  • Company: inoutput
  • Year: 2012
Ni Una Mas explores mental and physical fragility in relation to violence against women and how to express this through costume. In this way, costume becomes closer to piece of art more than just a piece of clothing, it becomes a vehicle in order to express the concept of the piece to the audience, thanks also to the dialogue and interaction with the performer. The performer’s costume became her imaginary armour and protection from the external world, hard like metal but fragile like porcelain - prone to break at any moment if something violent hits. The costume is held together by 400 hidden magnets; the movement and breathing of the performer causes the costume to break apart unconsciously. As the show develops, the costume shatters and falls apart highlighting the deterioration of her mental and physical state. Finally she is left exposed, showing her most fragile, intimate side.