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Assisting Skills

Drawing Skills and Programmes

  • Drafting - Excellent
  • SketchUp - Very Good

Other Computer Aided Design Skills

  • Photoshop - Very Good
  • Illustrator - Very Good
  • InDesign - Proficient
  • Video Editing - Very Good
  • AV/Animation - Proficient

Model Making

  • 1:25 Model Making - Proficient
  • 1:50 Model Making - Proficient
  • Soldering - Proficient
  • Sculpting - Excellent
  • Painting - Excellent
  • Creating Surfaces and Textures - Proficient

Research / Sourcing Skills

  • Period Knowledge Both Costume and Set - Excellent
  • Basic Knowledge of Construction Methods and Materials - Proficient
  • Ability to put together Digital Mood Boards - Excellent
  • Prop and Costume Sourcing - Excellent
  • Knowledge of prop houses, hire shops, local knowledge of shops - Excellent
  • Ability to keep track of petty cash - Excellent

Practical Skills

  • Scenic Art Skills - Very Good
  • Hand Sewing Skills - Excellent
  • Machine Sewing Skills - Very Good

Other Skills and Experience

I work well in the rehearsal space, using the time as a springboard for ideas and specific construction/prop/costume requirements.
I find rehearsals extremely energising and inspiring, I work best when I've been to a few both before and during the design and creation process.
I'm very savvy when it comes to sourcing materials and pieces of furniture that can be reused and up-cycled.
Second language: French (Fluent).