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Elroy Ashmore


  • Production: Tartuffe
  • Company: Haymarket Theatre Company
  • Venue: Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke
  • Year: 2003
  • Author: Moliere
  • Directed by: Philippe Naduce
  • Lighting Design by: Simon Hutchins
  • Costume Design by: Elroy Ashmore
  • Set designed by: Elroy Ashmore
  • Photography by: Elroy Ashmore
  • Design © Elroy Ashmore
  • Image © Elroy Ashmore
A sharp simple angled flooring with inlaid woodwork is echoed by a heavy cornice moulding. Down lights in the cornice create light walls and entrances when sections are switched off.. The modern costumes follow the story. At the beginning all the cast are in shades of blue except for Tartuffe who is in red. As he gradually insinuates himself into the family and finally takes over his costumes change through the spectrum till at the end he is in blue while the all rest end up in shades of red.