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Elroy Ashmore

The Tempest

The Tempest
  • Production: The Tempest
  • Company: Lyric Theatre
  • Venue: Lyric Theatre, Belfast
  • Year: 1993
  • Author: William Shakespear
  • Directed by: Charles Nowosielski
  • Choreography by : Anne Lannan
  • Composer : Richard Cheens
  • Lighting Design by: Martin Palmer
  • Sound Design by: Richard Cherns
  • Costume Design by: Elroy Ashmore
  • Set designed by: Elroy Ashmore
  • Photography by: Elroy Ashmore
  • Design © Elroy Ashmore
  • Image © Elroy Ashmore
A mathematical island of white hexagon shapes through which a sculptural silver tree erupts. This tree has three levels, Caliban comes from deep in the roots, Ariel comes from high amongst the branches while all the rest inhabit the mid levels. The set was surrounded by white plastic which took some wonderful back lighting