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Elroy Ashmore

Scooge's Christmas model

Scooge's Christmas model
  • Production: Scrooge's Christmas
  • Company: Ulster Theatre Company
  • Venue: The Market Place Theatre, Armagh
  • Year: 2014
  • Author: Michael Poynor after Charles Dickens
  • Directed by: Michael Poynor
  • Choreography by : Deborah Maguire
  • Composer : Mark Dougherty
  • Lighting Design by: Michael Poynor
  • Costume Design by: Elroy Ashmore
  • Set designed by: Elroy Ashmore
  • Photography by: Elroy Ashmore
  • Design © Elroy Ashmore
  • Image © Elroy Ashmore
This is one of many pantomimes I have designed for this company. We developed a presentation which is very cartoon, pop up and picture book in it's style. No flying or cloths are used, just trucks which revolve and open out. This allows touring to many non flying venues. In this design Scrooge's bedroom was permanently on an upper level. His office was on the lower level. The side office walls were triangular trucks that revolved to give us further locations.