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Elroy Ashmore


  • Production: Rusalka
  • Company: Iford Arts
  • Venue: The Cloisters at Iford
  • Year: 2005
  • Author: Kvapil
  • Directed by: Jeff Clarke
  • Composer : Antonin Dvorak
  • Lighting Design by: Jeremy Rowe
  • Costume Design by: Elroy Ashmore
  • Set designed by: Elroy Ashmore
  • Photography by: Elroy Ashmore
  • Design © Elroy Ashmore
  • Image © Elroy Ashmore
We wanted to create a never, never land but one that is just around the corner from us had civilisation taken another turn. Inspirations include 1920's German cinema steam punk and genetic engineering, This is a world run by water, water run computers etc. There is a well in the centre of the cloisters and this became a water based "tree of life" on which hung electric light bulbs instead of fruit.