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Staging Places: UK Design for Performance 2015-2019 (Image: Performing Architects)

Elliott Squire

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  • Model Box Project
  • Lizzie and the Actress
  • Model Box Project


Elliott is a graduate of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, where he received his BFA in Theatre Production and Design in 2013. He is a freelance theatre designer for both sets and costumes, and also has experience in prop making, costume construction, and scenic painting.

He is currently based in London, having recently completed the Scenehouse Programme in Edinburgh, a summer theatre design intensive, where he honed his skills in prop making, scenic painting, scale model making, and design.

​Elliott values both his organizational and creative skills as a designer and maker. From foam carving and sculptural paper mâché, to researching period silhouettes, he is always excited for new projects and challenges. For further details of his work please visit