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Chris de Wilde


  • Production: Variété
  • Company: Youth Music Theatre: UK
  • Venue: Riverside Studios
  • Year: 2013
  • Author: Lindsay Kemp
  • Directed by: Kinny Gardner
  • Choreography by : Darrel Aldridge
  • Composer : Carlos Miranda
  • Lighting Design by: Neill Brinkworth
  • Costume Design by: Chris de Wilde
  • Scenography by: Chris de Wilde
  • Photography by: Chris de Wilde
  • Design © Chris de Wilde
  • Image © Chris de Wilde
A season of music theatre by Youth Music Theatre at the Riverside Studios required a flexible space capable of swift transformations from show to show on a tight budget. The solution for Varété, set in and around a travelling circus in Hamburg in the 1930s, comprised a series of hanging muslin cloths that could be raised and lowered by the cast, changing the space from vast to intimate in a few seconds. Here, Max King Of The Air auditions for a role in the circus.