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Chris de Wilde

Cyberjam: First Circle

Cyberjam: First Circle
  • Production: Cyberjam
  • Company: Blast!
  • Venue: Queen's Theatre, London
  • Year: 2003
  • Directed by: James Mason
  • Choreography by : Jim Moore, George Pinney, Jonathan Vanderkolff
  • Lighting Design by: Hugh Vanstone
  • Sound Design by: Bobby Aitken
  • Costume Design by: Kitty Boots
  • Set designed by: Chris de Wilde
  • Photography by: Chris de Wilde
  • Design © Chris de Wilde
  • Image © Chris de Wilde
Dancers manipulate spinning props in front of a complex metal backdrop that can create a vast range of geometrical shapes and moods, in collaboration with Hugh Vanstone's brilliant lighting