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Charlie Cridlan

  • Production: Brixton Stories
  • Venue: The Lyric Studio, Hammersmith
  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Biyi Bandele
  • Directed by: Biyi Bandele
  • Lighting Design by: Jeremy Walker
  • Costume Design by: CHARLIE CRIDLAN
  • Set designed by: CHARLIE CRIDLAN
  • Photography by: Keith Pattison
The Lyrical poetry of Biyi's writing inspired an infinity curve upon which the ensemble cast could tell the story. Father and daughter walk through the streets of Brixton passing many eccentric characters. The space had the concrete feel of the skate park at Stockwell and the warmth of the African Savannah. The combination of painted colour and light was used to great effect transforming the atmosphere from Brixton on a sunny day to the twilight world of Ozzie's coma.