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Chanel McCartney

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Chanel McCartney received her MFA in Costume Design from the University of British Columbia in 2014. Chanel also has her B.A (Honours) in English Literature and Drama from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Recent jobs include: a summer internship for Bard on the Beach and wardrobe assistant positions for Great Pacific Media and Birdwatcher Pictures, Ltd. Chanel has experience and interest in a variety of costuming areas: film & television, live theatre, detailed period work, abstract sci fi and fantasy pieces, crafts and mask work, armour, breakdown and dying, costuming for dance, etc. Examples of her work range from the Regency period work in Pride and Prejudice to the structural and technical build of Hamletmachine to the breakdown work and make-up artistry of UBC Literature's Mini Studio 10: Kaleidocope of Theatrics Photography Shoot.