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Carol Betera


  • Company: Second Age Theatre Company
  • Year: 2007
  • Directed by: Alan Stanford
  • Lighting Design by: Sinead McKenna
  • Costume Design by: Caroline Hughes
  • Set designed by: Carol Betera
Photos of army barracks in the far east, during the second world war, showing canvas and wood, inspired the design, which set the play in the twentieth century. Stained canvas drops, army supplies and hurricane lamps, researched from second world war photos of the far east, formed a frame work for creating the various Cyprus scenes. During the Venice scenes the canvas drops were out of sight, and war-office maps, bar, lamps etc, took their place. A black gauze in front of a blue cyclorama gave a lighting range from pitch black for the bar in the Venice scenes to tropical blue for Cyprus. Nominated for Irish Times award, best set design, won best costume design.