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The Value of Design

Brenda Van Geffen

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  • costume design
  • Mask design
  • costume design

Assisting Skills

Drawing Skills and Programmes

  • Drafting - Excellent

Model Making

  • 1:25 Model Making - Very Good
  • 1:50 Model Making - Very Good
  • Soldering - Very Good
  • Figure Making - Excellent
  • Painting - Excellent
  • Creating Surfaces and Textures - Very Good

Research / Sourcing Skills

  • Period Knowledge Both Costume and Set - Very Good
  • Basic Knowledge of Construction Methods and Materials - Very Good
  • Ability to put together Digital Mood Boards - Proficient
  • Prop and Costume Sourcing - Excellent
  • Knowledge of prop houses, hire shops, local knowledge of shops - Very Good
  • Ability to keep track of petty cash - Very Good

Practical Skills

  • Scenic Art Skills - Excellent
  • Hand Sewing Skills - Proficient
  • Machine Sewing Skills - Proficient

Other Skills and Experience

I am internationally orientated and would love to find designer work (long term or project based) in the United Kingdom. I speak excellent Dutch, very good English and read (do not speak) proficient in German. I worked as an assistant before in the Netherlands for theatre companies Suburbia and Toneelgroep Amsterdam. My University in Amsterdam was very much based on making strong script analyses and being able to develop design concepts. Furthermore my education learned me to work out my designs 1:1 and to think about potential technical difficulties. I went on an Erasmus exchange to the UK to upgrade my modelmaking skills. I have proficient skills in lighting design and a good eye for taking (rehearsal) photo's. I am good at (backstage) managing and love to work closely with other people.