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Staging Places: We Are The Storytellers Now - open until March 13, 2020 at V&A London

Brenda Van Geffen

Gallery Images

  • Is This Cheesy?
  • The Wearable Body
  • Lohengrin 3D mask


Brenda finished her Scenography course at the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

During her studies Brenda was enrolled in an Erasmus exchange program at Nottingham Trent University, where she assisted the Society of British Theatre Designers in the Make:Believe exhibition at V&A London.

Brenda's specialty and preference goes out to music (opera and experimental) productions, dance and mime. She likes to combine crafts and new technologies. Her designs are often described as experimental and her interest goes out to subcultures and 'the unusual'.

Brenda is internationally orientated and really enjoys working abroad, especially in her favorite cities: London, Glasgow and Edinburgh. She is open for design projects and interesting assistant jobs.