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Atlanta Duffy


  • Production: The Lion & the Jewel
  • Company: Collective Artistes
  • Venue: Barbican Pit & UK tour
  • Year: 2005
  • Author: Wole Soyinka
  • Directed by: Chuck Mike
  • Choreography by : Koffi Koko
  • Composer : Juwon Ogungbe
  • Lighting Design by: Catriona Silver
  • Costume Design by: Atlanta Duffy
  • Set designed by: Atlanta Duffy
  • Photography by: Keith Pattison
  • Design © Atlanta Duffy
  • Image © Keith Pattison
“A village clearing under a huge Odan tree…..” The play includes a series of mimes, dances and masquerades; stories within a story. Along with skilful acting, choreography and lighting, simple though evocative elements were utilised to meld the stories. An oil drum was first water butt then fiery brazier. Beaten metal benches became the school, a railway, market stalls and the Bale’s bed. All under a canopy of rusting oil lamps.